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T.O.S & Grading

COVID-19 policy update:

My shop is remaining open during this time but due to the current pandemic orders are experiencing long delays I thank you for your support and will promise to have everything sent out as soon as I possibly can!

If you have any questions please DM me on Instagram @violetcascade

Or email me at


 I only offer untracked due to the high cost for sending packages from Australia as the shop grows I plan on offering more options 

Average delivery times vary from two weeks to 30 days for international orders but are subject to change depending on the current situation of the postal service

Order fulfilment and grading:

We don’t offer collectors grade as pins are hand made products! If I do have one or two I can list they’ll be put up separately!


Standard grade: 
Almost perfect but being a hand made item it may contain tiny imperfections such as 
▪ Dust specs 
▪ Minor Metal discolouration 
▪ Small scratches 
▪ Low/ over fill enamel 
▪ Bubbles

More noticeable defects but still beautiful! 
▪ More Dust specs/ glitter specs 
▪ Metal discolouration which is visible in all light 
▪ scratches 
▪ visible Enamel dents

My grading process is viewing the pins in many different lights but I’ll only down grade something if it distracts from the design in all lights please remember I’m only human and may miss something so for this reason I don’t offer collector grade pins.


If you’ve purchased a preorder item it will take at least one month or more to be made and shipped out. I’ll ship all items from multiple orders together if you want separate please leave a note you’re responsible for extra shipping costs.


You’re entitled too a refund until the point of delivery, if your order has been sent you may still request a refund but I won’t issue it until you’ve sent your order back you are responsible for return shipping costs only once it’s sent back will you receive the refund 

Missing parcels/delivery delays

I’m sorry I can’t help much with this once a package is sent out it’s out of my hands, I’ll possibly be able to offer a partial refund minus delivery or a replacement if I have stock available but it’s just an unfortunate thing that happens 

Damaged items

Like above it’s out of my hands if an item is damaged during delivery I do my best to securely pack everything inside to avoid this happening.